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The ICG/IOTWS met in Melbourne, Australia, 3-6 May 2011

melbourne-group-photoThe 8th Session of the Intergovernmental Coordination Group for the Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System (ICG/IOTWS-VIII) was held at the Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne, Australia, 3–6 May 2011 under the Chairmanship of Prof Dr Jan Sopaheluwakan. The Session was attended by 59 delegates and observers from 12 Member States in the Indian Ocean region, 3 Observer States and 9 UN agencies, NGOs and other organizations. The ICG reviewed the progress made by the IOTWS since the last Session, considered the reports and recommendations from its Steering Group, Working Groups and Task Teams, and decided on actions to be implemented in the next intersessional period.


The ICG decided to hold an Indian Ocean Wave Exercise (IOWave11) on 12th October 2011 and established a Task Team to organise it, with membership comprising Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Oman.  The timetable for the transition to the Regional Tsunami Advisory Service Provider (RTSP) service for the IOTWS was adopted, with the service scheduled to commence on 12 October 2011, following the IOWave11 exercise.  To prepare for the new RTSP service, the ICG decided to conduct a joint training workshop involving the RTSPs, NTWCs, ICG/IOTWS Working Groups 1 and 3 and National Disaster Management Organisations.  The workshop will be held in Indonesia in September 2011 with support from IOC/UNESCO and UNDP.

Officers were elected for the next two year term commencing at the end of the Session.  Mr Rick Bailey (Australia) was elected as Chair, and Dr Srinivas Kumar Tummala (India) and Dr Prih Harjadi (Indonesia) were elected as Vice Chairs.

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