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The ICG/IOTWS holds annual meetings, as well as smaller meetings periodically for Working Groups and Task Teams.  Details of all past meetings can be found in the IOC Tsunami Calendar.  Links to web pages for the ICG meetings can be found below:

ICG/IOTWS-IX meeting, 27-30 November 2012, Jakarta, Indonesia

ICG/IOTWS-VIII meeting, 3-5 May 2011, Melbourne, Australia

ICG/IOTWS-VII meeting, 14-16 April 2010, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

ICG/IOTWS-VI meeting, 7-9 April 2009, Hyderabad, India 

ICG/IOTWS-V meeting, 8-10 April 2008, Putrajaya, Malaysia

ICG/IOTWS-IV meeting, 28 Feb - 2 March 2007, Mombasa, Kenya

ICG/IOTWS-III meeting, 31 Jul - 2 Aug 2006, Bali, Indonesia

ICG/IOTWS-II meeting, 14-16 Dec 2005, Hyderabad, India

ICG/IOTWS-I meeting, 3-5 Aug 2005, Perth, Australia

Links to web pages for the Working Groups, which contain information about past and upcoming meetings, are found below:

ICG/IOTWS Working Group 1: Tsunami Risk Assessment and Reduction

ICG/IOTWS Working Group 2: Tsunami Detection, Warning and Dissemination

ICG/IOTWS Working Group 3: Tsunami Awareness and Response

Training and Workshops

Training events and workshops at both national and regional level are held periodically.  Announcements of upcoming trainings are sent to the Tsunami National Contacts.

Information about past training and workshop events can be found here.

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