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The ICG/CARIBE EWS-VI met in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (26-29 April, 2011)


The ICG/CARIBE EWS-VI (26-29 April, 2011) was attended by 70 participants from 18 Caribbean countries and 3 observer organizations (PNUD, CDEMA and WMO). Main topics discussed during the meeting were the estaicgviblishment of a Caribbean Tsunami Warning Center (CTWC) in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Tsunami Information Center (CTIC) in Barbados as well as the lessons learnt and report of the CARIBE WAVE 11 exercise.
The group highlighted the broad participation at the CARIBE WAVE 11 Exercise with 35 participating countries and territories. In addition, 28 local and private institutions submitted reports and at 188 schools and 130 private entities (hotels, ports operators, media outlets) participated. In general terms, there was a generalized satisfaction with the event because most objectives were met. The exercise was useful to identify gaps in the system.  The ICG decided to hold new exercise in March 2013.With respect to the CTWC United States recalled that a phased approach has been adopted for the establishment of such a center. The ICG noted progress on this phased approach by US and decided to accept the proposal of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and Nicaragua to develop Terms of Reference for a back up center to be established as US plans progress ahead.

A field trip was organized to Matancita, a village that was destroyed by the 1946 and that is implementing tsunami response plans at community level, Delegates were able to interview and exchange views with survivors of the 1946 tsunami.

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