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ICG/IOTWS Steering Group

At the third meeting of the ICG/IOTWS in Bali, Indonesia in 2006, it was decided that a Steering Group for the ICG would be formed.

Terms of Reference

1.  Coordinate and integrate the work of ICG/IOTWS in the inter-sessional periods, as implemented through the various working groups and task teams

2.  Promote and enhance the institutionalisation of tsunami early warning systems, their implementation, exercises and maintenance.

3.  Development and maintenance of Medium Term Strategic Plan and Outreach Plan to ensure effective implementation, exercises adn maintenance.

4.  Maintain and update the IOTWS Implementation Plan with the support of the ICG/IOTWS Seretariat

5.  Identify funding priorities for the iCG/IOTWS Work Plans, inclding development of Programme and Budget for subsequent intersessinal perioud for review by the ICG/

6.  Monitor the overall performance of the IOTWS

7.  Oversee performance assessment of IOTWS for real events through direction of WGs in preparation oa standard format assessment reports with assistance of ICT/IOTWS Secretariat for distribution within 2 months after the event.

8.  Contribut to the work of the TOWS-WG to coordinate the most effective global implementation and harmonisation of tsunami warning & mitigation systems.

Membership of the Steering Group includes the ICG Chair and Vice Chairs, and the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the Working Groups.  The Steering Group meets in person at least once a year. The next Steering Group meeting is scheduled for late 2014.  

Reports from previous Steering Group meetings can be found here.



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