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IOC-GLOSS-PRSN Caribbean Training Course for Operators of Sea Level Stations

Author(s) Christa von Hillebrandt-Andrade
Summary This report provides a summary of the IOC/GLOSS IOC-GLOSS-PRSN Caribbean Training Course for Operators of Sea Level Stations, which took place from June 23-27, 2008 in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. The purpose of the course was to provide the sea level station operators in the region lectures and hands on training on the science and operations of sea level stations for tsunami and other coastal hazards warning purposes. It also considered the proposed IOCARIBE-GOOS partnership that promotes development and sustainability of the Caribbean Sea level array and its integration into the Caribbean Tsunami and Other Coastal Hazards Warning System. The report also provides an overview of methods and materials used for sea level observations, reports of national and regional sea level initiatives, and a set of recommendations concerning sea level activities in the region.
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Status Published on 19/08/08
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