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Understanding tsunamis and preparing to cope with

AUSTRAL SUMMER INSTITUTE XI (ASI XI): Understanding tsunamis and preparing to cope with

3 - 7 January 2011, Concepcion, Chile

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Agenda # Code   Title Author Upd. On  
ALIAGA_SOPs for TEWC Yamamoto Masahiro & Aliaga Bernardo 04/01/11

Agenda Documents

Agenda # Code   Title Upd. On  
1.1 Austral Summer Training Plan (Draft) 29/12/10
1.2 ASI-XI/4 A Brief history of tsunamis in the Caribbean Sea 21/01/14
1.2 ASI-XI/6 Barbados Tsunami Warning Information Dissemination Protocol and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) (Draft) 21/01/14
1.2 Cyclone Gonu storm surge in Oman 03/01/11
1.2 Large Coastal Landslides and Tsunami Hazard in the Caribbean 03/01/11
1.2 Evaluation of tsunami risk in the Lesser Antilles 03/01/11
1.2 A Probabilistic Tsunami Hazard Assessment of the Indian Ocean Nations 03/01/11

Background Documents

Agenda # Code   Title Upd. On  
IOC Manuals and guides No. 14 Volume 4, Manual on Sea Level Measurement and Interpretation, V.4 : An update to 2006. 07/04/13
IOC Manuals and guides No. 14 Volume 2, Manual on Sea Level Measurement and Interpretation, V2: Emerging Technologies 07/04/13
IOC Technical Series 77 12 September 2007 Indian Ocean Tsunami Post-Event Assessment of IOTWS Performance 26/06/08
IOC Technical Series 87 Operational Users Guide for the Pacific Tsunami Warning and Mitigation System (PTWS) 14/06/09
IOC/2008/TS/82 Exercise Pacific Wave 08: a Pacific-wide Tsunami Warning and Communication Exercise, 28-30 October 2008 17/02/14
IOC/2009/MG/50 Hazard awareness and risk mitigation in integrated coastal area management 20/02/14
IOC/2009/MG/52 Tsunami Risk Assessment and Mitigation for the Indian Ocean: knowing your tsunami risk and what to do about it 07/02/14
IOC/2009/TS/88 rev. Exercise Indian Ocean Wave 2009 (IOWave09): an Indian Ocean-wide tsunami warning and communication exercise 21/02/14
IOC/2010/TS/90 12 January 2010 Haiti earthquake and tsunami event: post-event assessment of CARIBE EWS performance 21/01/14
IOC/2010/TS/93 Exercise Caribe Wave 11: a Caribbean tsunami warning exercise 17/02/14
SC.2008/WS/5 Tsunami preparedness: information guide for disaster planners 03/02/14
Irina Rafliana ASI XI (Draft) 06/01/11
Irina Rafliana ASI XI (Draft) 06/01/11
Irina Rafliana ASI XI (Draft) 06/01/11

Other Documents

  Code   Title Upd. On  
  Chapter 3. Geologic effects and records of tsunamis (Draft) 20/12/10
  A millennial-scale record of Holocene tsunamis on the Kronotskiy Bay coast, Kamchatka, Russia (Draft) 20/12/10
  Major Earthquakes and Tsunamis in Chile during the period 1535 to 1955 (Draft) 20/12/10
  Unusually large earthquakes inferred from tsunami deposits along the Kuril trench (Draft) 20/12/10
  Time and size of a giant earthquake in Cascadia inferred from Japanese records of January 1700 (Draft) 20/12/10
  Marine incursions of the past 1500 years and evidence of tsunamis at Suijin-numa, a coastal lake facing the Japan Trench (Draft) 20/12/10
  Paleoseismic inferences from a high-resolution marine sedimentary record in northern Chile (238S) (Draft) 20/12/10
  Giant returns in time (Draft) 20/12/10
  Paleotsunami Research (Draft) 21/12/10
  Transient Uplift After a 17th-Century Earthquake Along the Kuril Subduction Zone (Draft) 21/12/10
  Table S1: Written records from Chile of the 1575, 1737 and 1837 earthquakes (Draft) 21/12/10

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