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Mr Antonio AGUILAR

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Gender male
Position Instructor, programa Aula Sísmica
Institution Fundacion Venezolana de Investigaciones Sismologicas [view]
Expertise Degree in emergency and disaster management. Trainer of community-based NGO to emergency response. Researcher in the area of strengthening of institutions for disaster response, and social vulnerability
Groups Tsunami
ICG/CARIBE EWS (Delegation member)
Working Group 3 (Chair)
Working Group 4 (Member)
Responsibilities Action coordinator of the tsunami project in Venezuela. Earthquakes and tsunamis community-based programs especialist. Leader of the Caribe Wave Venezuela Team.
Nationality Venezuela
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Tel +58 (212) 2575153 /2577672
Fax +58 (212) 2579977
Website http://www.funvisis.gob.ve
Address Fundacion Venezolana de Investigaciones Sismologicas
Final Prolongación Calle Mara
El Llanito
Caracas 1073
Distrito Federal

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